Business coaching- Traits to look for in a mentor

To run a business in the cut throat competitive market of today can be not only challenging but also unachievable to many. Many aspects of business are non product related such as communication skills, managerial skills, marketing skills, etc. So while you consider business coaching, let me give you a few tips on how to find a good mentor worthy of your time.

  • Not every businessman can be a successful business coach. The reason being that coaching demands compassion, communication skills, interest and willingness to make others grow! When you enquire about a prospective coach, his clients must refer him as enthusiastic and selfless.
  • At all given times, a business mentor (Melbourne) must be up to date with the current trends and technicalities of a market and it is a brownie point if he has been involved in an independent business in the past.
  • A good mentor will have special abilities to listen and understand his student’s needs. Learning is a two way street and a mentor has to possess excellent listening skills so as to help his students in the bet way possible.

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