Business mentor in Melbourne- Types of business coaching and the role of a mentor accordingly

Suppose one day you wake up and decide to undergo business coaching. How would you go about it? It is important to understand the different stands within business coaching so as to determine which one would be an ideal fir for you. Let us take a brief look at the main kinds of business coaching.

  • The first kind is general business coaching. Here, the primary job of a business mentor in Melbourne is to train the employees in a way that there is direct visible change in results that are measurable.
  • Another branch is executive coaching (Melbourne) in which business trainers train all executives in a firm such as the managing director, the president, the vice president, etc.
  • Then comes personal training. In this branch, a coach will focus on your qualities as an individual and try to shape them in order to inculcate the values required in a successful entrepreneur.
  • A subset of such training is career counselling. In this the mentor mainly determines whether you are cut out for business itself.

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