Action coaching: What makes a great coach?

If you are new to the world of business, the planning, matriculation and competition can seem very overwhelming. That is the main reason people opt for action coaching. While you choose a trainer for your business, you basically trust him with your business decisions. So while you strive to find an ideal coach, let us discuss what makes a great coach?

  • A good trainer understands his student better than the student understands him. He must be easy to talk to and you must be able to confide in him.
  • He must bring out all your positives and he must not hesitate for a second before letting you know your negative points. The foundation of a good training session is honesty.
  • It is desirable if he has some firsthand experience with business. Small business coaching has a lot to do with real time experience.
  • He must be updated with every move of the market on any given day.

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