Executive Coaching- What makes it different from business coaching?

Many times, business coaching and executive coaching are interchanged in regular conversations. However, although they have a common vision, they are two different streams with different approached and methods. Let us take a look at the main difference between a business coach and an executive coach.

  • Executive coaching entails training the vice president, director and other senior authorities in a firm.
  • Its main intention is to polish their skills and determine where they are lacking so as to improve on those points.
  • Business coaching has to directly show increased turnovers and improvised market share. Whereas in case of executive coaching, it is an indirect approach.
  • While executive coaching also has to eventually result in betterment of the company, it does not directly aim at multiplying sales but focuses on training the executives in a firm.

However, it is implied that if a company spends on a service, it is bound to expect results. Therefore, both of them share a common goal of improved results for the company. For information on business coaching in Melbourne, visit http://www.tenfoldcoaching.com.au/.

Source: http://smallbusinesscoachingmelbourne.blogspot.com/2015/07/executive-coaching-what-makes-it.html


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